Phys2120 College Physics II
Spring 2017

<a href= >Magnetic field of the Sun</a>

NASA:  Magnetic field lines (white) and magnetic field strength (low = blue to high = red) due to Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's) from the Sun.
CME's are gigantic bubbles of ionized hydrogen and electrons.

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Lab 1: Voltage, Current and Resistance in a DC Circuit
Lab 2: Resistances in Series and Parallel
Lab 3: Voltage vs Time across an Unknown Capacitor
Lab 4: Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field
Lab 5: Lenses
Lab 6: Diffraction and Interference
Lab 7: The Michelson Interferometer
Lab 8: Optical Instruments
Lab 9: Polarization of Light

Electricity and Magnetism
Ch 15  Electric Forces and Electric Fields
Ch 16  Electrical Energy and Capacitance
Ch 17  Current and Resistance
Ch 18  Direct Current Circuits
Ch 19  Magnetism
Ch 20  Induced Voltages and Inductance
Ch 13  Vibrations and Waves
Ch 22  Reflection and Refraction of Light
Ch 23  Mirrors and Lenses
Ch 24  Wave Optics
Ch 25  Optical Instruments
Ch 28  Atomic Physics


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