Swapping Classes

Swapping classes allows you to exchange one class for another. When swapping classes, your class is not dropped until the selected class is added successfully. If the enrollment fails (for example you don't meet the pre-requisites), you stay enrolled in the class you wanted to drop. If the enrollment succeeds, you are dropped from the one class and enrolled into the new one.

  1. From your Student Center, select Enrollment: Swap from the other academic drop down box and click Go.

    Other Academic

  2. On the Swap a Class page,

    Swap A Class

    • In Swap This Class, select the class to drop

    • In With This Class, click search to search for a class. You could also use the Enter Class Nbr option.

  3. On the Enter Search Criteria page, enter your search criteria and click Search.

    Enter Search Criteria

  4. When your Search Results appear, click select class beside the desired class.

    Search Results

  5. On the Enrollment Preference page, click Next.

    Enrollment Preference

  6. When the Confirm your selection page opens, double-check the information. If satisfied click Finish Enrolling button.

    Confirm your selections

  7. The View Results page appears displaying the results of your enrollment request.

    drop classes

    • The Message area will display either a Success message, if the class was dropped successfully, or an Error message, if the class was not dropped.

    • The Status will show a picture of Success Indicator indicating the Drop was successful or an picture of Errors Indicator indicating the Drop was canceled, due to errors.

    • For more information on these messages, see Common Registration Issues
  8. Once you are satisfied with the results, you may click the Home link to return to your Student Center.

    Home link

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