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What is the Telecommunications Infrastructure Initiative?

The Telecommunication Infrastructure Initiative (TII) is a CSU initiative to build a homogenous telecommunications network on all 23 CSU campuses. This initiative will fund the upgrade of CSUB's telecommunications infrastructure and bring it to what is known as minimum baseline standards.

What does "infrastructure" mean?

Infrastructure consists of the conduit, raceway, media - wire and fiber optics, telecommunication rooms, and equipment racks. The intent is to provide wiring "paths" to accommodate future changes in technology.

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What is the purpose of the TII Project?

The purpose of this project is to "ensure all CSU students, faculty and staff access to the broadest possible range of information resources and related technology" in order to advance excellence in teaching and learning, quality of student experience, administrative productivity, and personal productivity.

Why is this project important to CSUB?

The data network at CSUB has evolved over time and uses different media and different electronics in various areas. Because of this, network speeds, security, and quality of service varies from one physical location to another. The TII Project will provide all CSUB users with state of the art quality network access and reliability.

What are the timeframes for this project at CSUB?

Construction on the Telecommunications Infrastructure Project will begin the week of August 30, 2004. The General Contractor for this project is AMI Electrical and Telecom, Inc. of Anaheim, California. The Construction Manager representing the campus is Mike O’Donnell from the firm of PCM Construction Management located in Encino California. It is expected that this will be a 1-year project which effectively began June 29, 2004 and should be completed by July 1, 2005.

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Who is paying for this project?

The CSU capital outlay program will cover construction of all new and remodeled communications spaces as well as the pathways between state buildings and within them. It will also cover placement and termination of the media - both fiber optic and copper - in the interbuilding pathways. Because of capital funding limitations, however, inter-building media will need to be financed for the Stage 1 contract from Stage 2 resources.

Design, installation, maintenance and refresh of network systems (as well as acquisition of the media to be installed between campus buildings) will be covered in Stage 2 of the build-out and will be coordinated on a system wide basis. It is planned that Stage 2 will be financed from system and campus operating funds.

Funding for CSUB's TII project is dependent on the voters passing a bond referendum that will be on the November 2002 ballot.

Who is managing this project at CSUB?

The TII is a capital outlay project and is being managed by Facilities Engineering and Planning.

What buildings and rooms will be affected by the TII project?

Nearly all CSUB State Buildings will be affected by the TII project. New cabling will be run to all offices, classrooms, and labs. In some cases trenching will take place between buildings that do not have adequate pathways for the fiber that will connect all buildings. Some buildings will require space modification of some rooms to accommodate additional wiring and electronics. As CSUB gets closer to stage 1 construction, more detailed information will be shared with all campus personnel.


Will this project be disruptive to campus operations?

Other campuses that have been through the construction phase of their TII project have described the project as mildly disruptive. Because every CSUB State building and every office, classroom, and lab will be affected there is the possibility of occasional disruption of phone and data service. At some point during the project telecommunication workers will be in nearly every room on the campus pulling new cables and terminating outlets. The CSUB TII project coordinator will communicate in advance to campus personnel when buildings and rooms are scheduled for work and try to mitigate disruption to the campus.

Will I get a new computer with this project?

No, the TII project does not fund computers or other end user devices. It only funds items that are needed for the infrastructure upgrade in State owned buildings.

Where can I find out more information about the TII project?

The campus contact for coordinating the preliminary engineering design phase and the Stage 1 construction phase is Pat Jacobs. The Chancellor's Office has a web site that also has information about the TII project at: http://tii.calstate.edu/index.shtml.