Come to the SRC for all of your bicycle maintenance needs. If you have a flat, come purchase a new tube to replace yourself, or one of our bike share attendants can change it for you.

Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday is a new service offered by the Runner Ride Bike Shop. Come by the SRC Members Services Desk to drop in on Tuesdays between 9am-11am or 1pm-3pm. Our Bike Share Program Manager will be in to provide bike safety checks or a basic tune up. A safety check is a quick overview to see if any maintenance is required on your bicycle. A basic tune up involves maintenance to keep your bike running smoothly.

Any further maintenance required outside of a basic tune up would result in a an additional price quote or referral.

Bike Labor



Safety Check



Tube Replacement



Basic Tune Up



Resale Items

Tire Boot



Tire Lever




26 in. Cruiser Tube



700c. Road Bike