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Does the Rock cost extra to access?

No. Access to the Rock is FREE to all membership types. Feel free to climb as much as you want, any time you visit the Student Recreation Center!

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

No. The SRC provides you with any equipment necessary, whether it be climbing shoes, harnesses, chalk, or crash pads. If you want to utilize your own equipment though, feel free!

What if I have never climbed before?

Don't worry, anyone can climb! Our Rock Assistants can help give you the best advice in learning how to properly climb up the wall, tie figure-8 knots, and learn techniques to make climbing a more fun workout!

Free climbing up the wall is too easy, what if I want a challenge?

Our rock wall offers a variety of routes on the tower and problems on the boulders at different difficulty levels. If you want to challenge yourself, follow the matching tape and experience a completely new and different way to climb!

I am scared of heights, but I still want to climb. What do I do?

If you are scared of heights, climbing the rock can really help you test those fears in a safe harnessed environment. If you are still too nervous, you can climb the SRC's boulders, which are only a fraction of the height.

I am an experienced climber and want to belay my friends, am I allowed to?

Climbers are not automatically allowed to manually belay others at the Rock. Everyone must complete a Belay Clinic to be put on an eligibility list. From then on, that climber who completed the clinic would then be allowed to belay his/her friends.