CSUB American Red Cross (ARC) First Aid/CPR/AED Certification Program

Become knowledgeable, prepared and ready for any emergency that may come your way.

The Student Recreation Center offers American Red Cross certification classes in CPR/AED, and First Aid. We offer classes throughout the semester and a variety of ways to get certified. Upon successful completion of a course an American Red Cross certification will be awarded that is valid for two years from the completion date.

Types of classes:
Full Class -  A certified instructor leads you through all phases of learning and there are no pre-requisite activities.

  • Class time: 6 hours (11am-5pm)

Blended Learning Class - a combination of online learning and in-person skills session.

  • The content is equivalent to a traditional full course with less time spent in the classroom.
  • Self-paced training needs to be completed prior to scheduled class with certified instructor. 
  • The registration deadline for all blended learning classes will be the Monday prior to the scheduled class.
  • Class time: 2 hours (11:00am – 1:00pm)

Course Name



Adult First Aid/CPR/AED



Adult Challenge



Adult Review



Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED



Adult and Pediatric Challenge



Adult and Pediatric Review



Note:  Minimum enrollment for a class is 5 individuals–if this minimum is not met, you have the option for a full refund or rescheduling for a later course date.

Class Type Date Registration Deadline
Full 9/9/17 9/7/17
Full  10/7/17 10/5/17
Blended 9/23/17 9/18/17
Blended 10/21/17 10/16/17
Blended 11/18/17 11/13/17
Blended 12/9/17 12/4/17

If your American Red Cross certification is about to expire, or has already expired you can also renew the following ways:

A Review Course -  consists of review of the material in the program, followed by a test.

To be eligible to participate in a review course, the participant must possess a current American Red Cross certificate (or equivalent) for the course being conducted. Those without a certification may not participate in the review course option.

Individuals may participate in a review course up to 12 months after the expiration of their certification. Individuals whose certificates are past the recognized 12-month validity period may not participate in the review course.

A Challenge Course -  is a testing session only, and there is no review or teaching component. The challenger is responsible for reviewing the course material. The challenger must demonstrate skill competency and will only have once chance to do so. If the challenger fails any part of the challenge, they must take the full or blended learning class.

To schedule a review or challenge please contact Kareem Bland at kbland@csub.edu

We can schedule custom classes for groups of five or more. Ideal for departments or organizations that want/need to get ARC certifications.

Class Days and Times

All full classes are Saturdays 11:00AM – 5:00PM

Registration is due Thursdays @ 5:00pm the week of the class at the SRC front desk.

For more information about the First Aid/CPR/AED Certification Program, please contact:

Kareem Bland
Coordinator - Competitive Sports
Phone: (661) 654-2729
Email : kbland@csub.ed