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How can I become a part of this committee?

Fill out an application. If there is an open position than an interview will be conducted to see if you are the right fit for the committee.

How often are meetings held?

Meetings are held, at a minimum, once a semester.

How many voting members are there?

There are 13 voting members, made up of the following:

Student Members

  • Students at Large (5) (Ideally one from each College and one Graduate Student Representative)
  • Residence Hall Student Representative
  • ASI President or Designee
  • ASI Board Director Member at Large
  • Chair of the Student Union Board or Designee
  • Student Union Board Member at Large

 Non-Student Members

  • Faculty Representative
  • Staff Representative
  • Alumni Representative

How long can a voting member be a part of the committee?

Voting members serve 2-year terms. Following the end of the term, a member can be re-nominated and re-appointed to the committee for 1 more year.

What if I am employed by the Student Recreation Center and also want to serve on the committee?

SRC employees are not allowed to serve on the committee. It is considered a conflict of interest.

Why was the committee formed?

In the spring quarter of 2005, CSUB students approved a referendum in order to help move the university towards its new “Vision of Excellence”. One of the main initiatives on the ballot was the building of a Student Recreation Center. The Initial Implementation Document summarized the information the students used as a basis for their decision to approve the facility and established the initial framework of the operation of the facility.

 One of the major components in the document was the intent to create a Student Recreation Center Advisory Committee that will consist of a majority of students and will be similar in composition to the Student Union Board (hereafter referred to as Board). This Committee will establish the policies for operation of the facility.

 In May, 2008, the Student Union Board approved, and the University President and Chancellor’s Office agreed on Amendment 1 of the Operating Agreement/Lease COA0497 between Trustees & Student Union at California State University Bakersfield. Provisions of the amendment include:

  • Establish a Student Recreation Center Advisory Committee in accordance with the Student Union Bylaws, Article VIII, to operate, administer and manage in accordance with Board policies, bylaws, and articles of incorporation.
  • By establishing the SRC Advisory Committee, the Board grants autonomy to the SRC Advisory Committee with respect to the operational and fiscal policies of the SRC.
  • The SRC Advisory Committee will report to the University President and the Vice President for Student Affairs via the SRC Director.
  • The SRC Advisory Committee will develop and follow committee procedures defining governing rules for committee functions, tasks, membership qualifications and terms.
  • The SRC Advisory Committee will operate and conduct its business in accordance with Board policies, bylaws, and articles of incorporation and will not jeopardize the Board’s standing as an approved CSU auxiliary.
  • The Board will have oversight of the SRC Advisory Committee only to ensure adherence to policies, bylaws and articles of incorporation.
  • In accordance with the student referendum authorizing the collection of fees for the construction and operation of the Student Recreation Center, Student Body Fees earmarked for the SRC will be placed in an account separate from the Student Union and will be used as directed by the SRC Advisory Committee. The Board will not have oversight of these monies.
  • The SRC Advisory Committee and Board will review this governance structure in two (2) years and will recommend continuing or revising.

 Additionally, since most Antelope Valley Center students will not migrate to the main campus and use the Student Recreation Center, the referendum provided that AVC will receive $100,000 annually from the Student Recreation Center portion of the fee. The use of this funding will be determined by a student committee from the AVC to support major initiatives, undertake major programs and develop student activity projects which will enhance the student experience on that campus.  Suggested uses of this funding include free access to the Antelope Valley Community College Library services, access to child care services (e.g. a children’s center), a coffee shop, and access to local fitness/recreation facilities.