Law School Recruitment: An Example

The UC Irvine Summer Pre-Law Program provided me with invaluable information on the law school admissions process and lots of motivation.  Law professors, attorneys and current law students:  the speakers were wonderful in the information they provided and the positivity they had for the profession.  In addition to the speakers, the program also simulated a mock trial where each student prepares an oral argument (in defense of or opposition to the plaintiff) and presents it to a ‘judge’; provided participants the opportunity to participate in a law class; and lastly, helped applicants with their personal statements, information to make one’s undergrad record more competitive, and a free Kaplan LSAT prep class worth over $1,000.

I thoroughly enjoyed all sessions I attended and was upset that an illness prevented me from going to all six of them.  Although the program only runs for six weeks on Saturdays, the sessions are fully loaded never wasting any time.  I am wholly content that I participated in the program and recommend this program and any other similar Pre-Law Program. Driving from the central valley to Irvine was no problem as well; they helped me pay for my gas. Thus, there really is no excuse not to apply!

Jesus Martinez

B.A. in Political Science 2014