About the CSUB Pre-Dental Club


There would not be any better way to explain how the CSUB Pre-Dental Club initiated its operations during Fall 2010 than with a very personal description of how Jessica J. Merritt, the Founder President 2010-2011, created the club for the benefit of all further CSUB Pre-Dental student generations:

“As for how the club started…

After nine years of teaching, I decided to go back to school to change careers and become a dentist. After volunteering at dental offices to make sure that there was no doubt in my mind that this is what I wanted to do, I enrolled full time in my CSUB prerequisite courses and went to immediately inquire as to whether there was a Pre-Dental Club on campus, only to find out that there was not one, nor had there ever been. Even though I didn't know any other Pre-Dental students, I thought it was very important that our campus had a Pre-Dental Club, so I started asking every student I met if they or anyone they knew would be interested in joining the club. I soon found out that my Biology lab partner, Crystal, was a Pre-Dental student and very enthusiastic about being the club’s Vice-President. Very soon, we became an official new club with 10 members, none of which I had met previously, but all who shared the common goal of eventually giving people a reason to smile. It was my vision to start this club as a pre-professional organization, not a social or community service oriented club, although those are certainly components of what the club has become. Our Pre-Dental Club was established to help its members further themselves towards reaching their educational goal of being admitted into dental school as well as their eventual career goal of being a qualified dentist that makes a positive difference in his or her community.”

-Jessica J. Merritt.-
Founder President 2010-2011

Club Officers

Club Members

These are the current board officers of the CSUB Pre-Dental club:

  • Sasan J. (President)
  • Rosemary T. (Vice-President)
  • Sheela L. (Treasurer)
  • Julissa G. (Webmaster)
  • Kole G. (Project Coordinator)
  • Crystal Diaz (Dental School Liason)
  • Jesica G. (Secretary)
  • Dr. Kenneth Gobalet and Dr. Todd McBride (Advisors)

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