Beyond the Classroom

Michael Ault ‘s expertise is in political philosophy, public opinion, media politics, research methodologies, and politics and culture.  He has served as a Senator in the CSU Statewide Academic Senate and as Department chair.  He has traveled extensively in Central America and South Asia and teaches and promotes healthy life styles, including vegetarianism and the practice of yoga. 

Stanley Eugene Clark’s primary teaching and research are in public law, Latino politics, immigration policy, and food policy.  He is also a Certified Public Accountant and advises many businesses, especially those owned by Hispanic entrepreneurs.  He serves on several business committees and non-profit boards.  Clark is now Professor Emeritus, but continues to be active in service to students, especially those interested in law school

Gitika Commuri has her doctorate in International Relations and teaches extensively in that area.  Her expertise includes the relationships of politics and religion and the importance of “soft power” in international politics.  She continues to represent the Department in several curriculum committees and to advise majors and other student athletes.  One of her passions is the rescue of stray and abandoned pets.

Mark Martinez’s teaching and experience ranges from anthropology to political economy, especially as these relate to Mexico and the rest of Latin America.  He is the author of an incisive text on economic policy processes and is well known for his political blog.  He has devoted an extensive amount of time to launching the Global Intelligence & National Security (GINS) program and is the primary contact for that program with the Federal, State, and local intelligence agencies.

Kent Price teaches American government, community politics, elections, and research methods.  He is a very hands-on and accessible advisor to majors and other students.  His professional expertise includes campaign management, both for candidates and for bond initiatives, most often for school boards. 

Among the adjunct faculty whose service we especially appreciate are Wendy Avila, a local attorney, Steve Holmes, professor and Social Science chair at Bakersfield College, and Jeremy Adams, a Bakersfield High faculty and author of a text on teaching values.

Price and Richard Floyd in Office Meeting

Kent Price and Richard Floyd argue about the hypothesis and the data.