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University Name

To avoid confusion and build name recognition, a standardized naming system has been adopted.

California State University, Bakersfield (formal name)

CSU Bakersfield (common name)

CSUB (informal name)

Name variations that should not be used:

  • Cal State
  • Cal State Bakersfield
  • California State University at Bakersfield
  • C-SUB

California State University, Bakersfield

The formal name of the university should always include a comma after the word University. The formal name should be included on official documents, such as diplomas, contracts and grant proposals. When appropriate, the formal name should be used as a first reference with "CSU Bakersfield" or "CSUB" as a second reference.

CSU Bakersfield

The common name is preferred for materials intended for a general audience, such as students, prospective students, campus employees, residents of the region, donors and alumni. No comma should be used to separate CSU and Bakersfield.

When appropriate, CSU Bakersfield may appear as the first reference to the university with "CSUB" as a second reference. CSU Bakersfield may be used as a second reference when the formal name appears as a first reference.


CSUB is the informal name for the university and has long been used by students, alumni, staff and the local community. The informal name should only be used on material intended for an audience that is very familiar with the university.