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What is the primary university logo?

The logo is the university seal accompanied by the logotype "CSU Bakersfield." The seal and type should be blue, and the type portion cannot be used without the seal. There are color variations available for different design options. This logo should appear on all official communications.

Official Campus Logo

What is the commercial university logo?

For advertising and promotional purposes, a more dynamic logo is available. The target audience and familiarity with the university should be considered when selecting the most appropriate option.

Commercial Campus Logos

Can I change the color?

Color options are very clearly defined and should not be altered in any way. The official university colors are Pantone Blue 286C and Pantone Yellow 116C. Refer to page 29 OF of the full guide for equivalent color formulas used in four-color printing and digital media (e.g., MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint).

CSUB Blue - Pantone 286 C
CSUB Gold - Pantone 116 C

What is the official university typeface?

The official typefaces are Times New Roman and Myriad.

Where can I order business cards and stationery?

CSUB reprographics can produce your office supplies as well as provide an electronic letterhead template for word processing.

Business Card Layout
stationery Letter Head Layout