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Roadrunners - The Name

Use of the department name

When referring to the department, use the word "Athletics" (with an 's').

Athletics department
Roadrunner Athletics

The word "athletic" is an adjective used to describe a physical attribute.

Use of the word "Roadrunner"

The word Roadrunner, when referring to the university mascot, should always be one word and capitalized. The singular usage is correct when describing a particular team. However, the plural usage is correct when describing a group.

Roadrunner baseball NOT - Roadrunners baseball

We are the Roadrunners. NOT - We are the Roadrunner

The same usage holds true for the informal and shortened use of the mascot, 'Runner and 'Runners.)

'Runner hoops NOT - 'Runners hoops

Go 'Runners! NOT - Go 'Runner!

Roadrunner is one word. NOT - RoadRunner or Road runner