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CSUB Logos for Marketing

There are times when marketing the university that emphasis is placed on the non-academic aspects of university life. The two logos shown are appropriate for commercial and promotional uses that require more "spirit" and a dynamic visual, such as student activities, outreach and promotional items. These marks should not replace the use of the primary CSU Bakersfield logo on stationery or official communications and should not be combined with the primary CSU Bakersfield logo.

At all times the target audience and familiarity with the university should be considered when selecting the most appropriate option. For example, if you are promoting the university outside of Bakersfield or to a group that may not be familiar with the campus, a logo that includes the word "Bakersfield" is the best choice. Do not automatically assume your audience will know what the letters CSUB represent.

Standard Logo

Area of Isolation

There should always be sufficient space around the logo to keep it clear of distracting elements, such as type, photographs or graphics. When using type or other illustrations, there should be enough isolated space around the logo to avoid the appearance of creating a new logo.

Area of isolation

Minimum Size

The logo should always be proportional to the piece being created. The height of the logo should never be reproduced smaller than the examples on this page.

Minimum Size

The roadrunner mascot's facial features should always be clearly visible.

Runner Icon Commercial Logos

The display depicts use of the commercial logo on various backgrounds. Note the need for a white outline when using the logos on a non-white background, inclusive of the trademark symbol.

Do not reverse the logo when using the one-color black version. Always maintain the light/dark areas of the one-color logo along with the white border. The logos may not be altered in any way.