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The CSUB Music curriculum provides comprehensive training in performance, music theory, music history, and music education to prepare students for a wide range of careers as professional musicians, music educators or a host of other jobs in varied fields.  Music is a rich major, where students hone problem solving skills in the practice room, learn to work collaboratively in rehearsals, discover the history of the western world through music literature courses, and explore creativity and critical thinking in music theory courses. The broad skills attained while studying music are the exact skills that are most valuable when one enters the work force.

California State University, Bakersfield offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with concentrations in General Music or Music Education.  The Music Program also offers a minor in Music and a concentration in Music Education for the university's Liberal Studies majors.  

Our faculty have trained graduates who have gone on to teach music in many elementary, middle and high schools.  Others have moved on to perform or compose professionally while others have continued their studies at various distinguished graduate schools around the country.

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CSUB's Music Program is part of CSUB's Department of Music and Theatre which is housed in the School of Arts and Humanities.  To check out the Theatre Program visit their website. .

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