Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A.)

CSUB M.E.Ch.A. Founded in 1971

David Alcaraz
Founding CSUB M.E.Ch.A. President

Mission Statement

 California State University, Bakersfield M.E.Ch.A. is dedicated to promote unity by creating coalitions among Chicanas/os on campus, in our schools y en nuestros barrios. CSUB M.E.Ch.A. prevents the loss of nuestras raices by providing cultural festivities to share and explore nuestras tradiciones. CSUB M.E.Ch.A. exists to provide political awareness to influence the law-making processes for the betterment of nuestra gente. CSUB M.E.Ch.A. offers the necessary assistance to encourage and enable more Chicanas/os to complete a higher education by supporting programs and curriculum which aid in the education of our Chicano students. Nuestra gente and nuestros barrios’ voices are empowered by the objectives and philosophical ideologies of the National Organization, M.E.Ch.A.


“We as MEChistas, see the process of Chicanismo as evolutionary. We recognize that no one is born politically Chicana or Chicano. Chicanismo results from a decision based on a political consciousness for our Raza, to dedicate onself to building a Chicana/Chicano Nation. Chicanismo is a concept that integrates self-awareness with cultural identity, a necessary step in developing political consciousness. Therefore, the term Chicano is grounded in a philosophy, not a nationality.”

-M.E.Ch.A. Philosophy-

Mexican Independence Facts
Dona Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez; Mexican Independence Horoine
Mexican pre-Columbian Cultures

Executive Council

President: Islet Virgen
Vice President: 
Programming Officer: -
Financial Officer: Guadalupe Nunez
Secretary: Veronica Perez


Omar Correa 

Erika Madrigal

Rey Cuesta 

Chicano Commencement 2019

Chicano Commencement

(Will be available on January/2019)

Letter to the participants