History Forum Speaker Series

century of miracles

A Century of Miracles: Christians, Pagans, Jews, and the Supernatural, 312-410

H.A. Drake

Emeritus Professor of History

University of California, Santa Barbara

Friday, February 9, 3 p.m.

Dezember Reading Room, Walter W. Stiern Library

A Century of Miracles explores the role miracle stories played in helping Christians, pagans, and Jews think about themselves and each other. These miracle stories helped Christians understand the dizzying changes they experienced in the fourth century and bolstered Christian belief that their god wanted the empire to be Christian. Far more than the outdated narrative of a “life-and-death” struggle between Christians and pagans, miracle stories help us understand the darker turn Christianity took in subsequent ages. Most importantly, they help explain how, after a century of trumpeting the power of their god, Christians were able to deal with their failure to protect the city of Rome from a barbarian sack by the Gothic army of Alaric in 410. Augustine’s magnificent City of God eventually established a new theoretical basis for success, but in the meantime the popularity of miracle stories reassured the faithful--even when the miracles came to an end.

This event is co-sponsored by CSUB’s Department of History, the Walter W. Stiern Library, and the ASI Instructionally Related Acitvities program.

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History Forum Speaker Series, 2017-2018

Spring 2018:

February 9:  Dr. Harold Drake (UC Santa Barbara): "A Century of Miracles: How Life Changed for Christians, Pagans and Jews Between 312 and 410."  Friday, February 9, 3 pm, Dezember Reading Room, Walter Stiern Library

April 13: Dr. Sandra C. Mendiola García, (University of North Texas): "Street Democracy: Vendors, Violence, and Public Space in Late Twentieth-Century Mexico." Friday, April 13, 3 pm, Dezember Reading Room, Walter Stiern Library