Emergency Preparedness - Hazardous Material Incidents

If there is a spill, leak or fire involving a hazardous material that presents a health, safety, or environmental threat, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Notify the University Police at Ext. 2111
  2. Confine the spill, leak, or fire by shutting the room door.
  3. Notify other persons in the area.
  4. Sound the building fire alarm so evacuation can begin.
  5. Notify the area supervisor.
  6. Evacuate to a collection point up-wind from the area or building. Remain there to provide information about the release to responders.
  7. Do not return to area or building until instructed to do so by University Police.

An incidental release of a hazardous substance is a small spill that presents no threat to health or the environment. Incidental spills or leaks may be controlled and cleaned up at the time of the release only by employees who work with the substance and understand the hazards of the material.