The University offers the Procurement Credit Card (ProCard) as a payment option under the Delegation of Purchasing Authority for the purchase of commodities up to the Delegation standard limit and off-campus services.

The ProCard is available to all Campus Administrators and other campus members upon recommendation of their Approving Administrators. The ProCard should be used as the first payment option to achieve cost savings and improve processing time.

Below you will find information regarding the ProCard Application Process:

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Procurement Credit Card Application

  • Completed by the requestor, signed by the Approving Administrators and then forwarded to the Director of Procurement for final review and approval.
  • Application can be accessed by clicking on the ProCard Application.

Common Finance System (PeopleSoft CFS) Access Request - ProCard Access Role

  • Completed by the requested, signed by the Approving Administrator and submitted to Fiscal Services. The form will be signed by the AVP of Fiscal Services, routed to HR for confidentiality agreement verification and then forwarded to ACS for processing.
  • The CFS Access Request Form can be accessed by visiting the Campus Form webpage and clicking on the Business and Administrative Services CFS/LCD/CMS Fileshare Access Request Form. Be sure to select ProCard as the Access Role.


  • The ProCard requestor is required to complete a ProCard training session or online training when available prior to the ProCard being issued. Once training is complete, the ProCard requestor will be notified when the ProCard is available for pick up from the Office of Procurement. A document acknowledging receipt of the ProCard and acceptance of the responsibility delegated to the ProCard requestor must be signed at the time of pick up.

Card Activation

  • Upon receiving your card, you will receive instruction on how to activate your card. Upon activation, please remember to sign the back of your card or write SEE I.D. for security purposes.

Select an Approving Official

  • An Approving Official will review and authorize the Cardholder's charges each month and must be a Dean, Chair or Administrator (MPP). A Cardholder cannot approve his/her own charges. It is recommended to have a secondary Approving Official in the event your primary Approving Official is unavailable to sign the report so as not to delay the report from being sent to Accounts Payable for auditing purposes.

Determine Spending Limit

  • Generally the Cardholder's Approving Official will determine the spending limit for a Cardholder. The monthly spending limit should be set to accommodate your department(s) needs and can be raised at a later date if needed. The single purchase limit is set at $2,500 for all Cardholders; however, special consideration for increased ProCard limits may be requested by Approving Officials (Dean, Chair or Administrator) whose department's daily activities may require a higher purchasing limit, subject to the review and approval of the Procurement Director. 

Determine a Default Account

  • One chartfield will be associated with your card. All charges on your ProCard will be charged to this chartfield string, unless they are charged by you in PeopleSoft CFS - CSU ProCard within 5 business days of notification that your statement is available in CFS.


  • The application should have the signatures of the Cardholder, Approving Official and Procurement Director.

ProCard Handbook & Forms

Contact Info & Hotline

  • CSUB ProCard Coordinator: Carrie Rockwell (661)654-3185
  • CSUB ProCard Back-up: Marina Manzano (661)654-3246
  • U.S. Bank 24-Hour Cardmember Services: 1-800-344-5696 (please use your Employee ID No. in lieu of SSN for card activation)

ProCard Handbook

To view the Procurement Credit Card Handbook, click ProCard Handbook.