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Equipment and Supply List

Preparing in the shade
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Approx: Cost
Marshalltown Trowel
Stanley Line Level (metal)
Stanley Powerlock
    Metric tape
Paintbrush (2-3")
Hand Lens (10x)- optional
Sharpies (2 @ $1.25)
Mechanical pencial &
    lead (.7mm preferable)
Plastic Tool Box- optional
Worl Gloves- optional
Preparations in the sun

The project area can be hot and dry and full of plants that grab at skin and clothing. At other times, it can be windy and cool. Clothes and bedding suitable to a wide range of conditions are recommended.

Critical Personal Items:
1 quart canteens/water bottles (4)
field notebook and pencils
sturdy tent
bedding - sleeping bag, pillow and extra blanket(s)
sleep mat or cot
sunshower (3-5 gallon capacity)
personal toiletries
backpack for day use (or functional equivalent)
wide-brimmed hat
sunscreen - at least SPF 25
very sturdy boots
long-sleeved shirts (lightweight)
long pants
bug spray
clothing for 2 weeks

Laundromats are available in Ridgecrest or Trona. Note: clothing for a variety of weather conditions is recommended. Since night temperatures may be cool, warm clothing to sleep in is essential.

Optional Items

Books, cards, Frisbees, music, sketchpad, camera, spending money, personal ice chest, games.