Each year the CSUB Alcohol and Drug Education Committee participates in the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (NCAAW) during the third week of October. NCAAW is a national campaign to promote alcohol awareness on more than 900 college campuses across the United States. NCAAW strives to provide students with alternatives to alcohol abuse and to educate them on the personal choice of responsible alcohol use.

Past Events include:

v Buzzed: Alcohol Jeopardy

v Tie One On For Safety Day: red ribbon awareness day

v Alcohol Awareness BBQ and Rally

v Wheel of Misfortune” Don’t Gamble with your Health

v  Drunk Goggle Obstacle Course

v “Dodge That Drink and Have a Ball” Dodgeball Tournament

v  Jousting: How Nimble Are You?

v  Costume Dance

v  MADD Speakers

v  Crash car

Look for flyer for this years events

Cosponsored by:

Counseling Center

Student Health Center and SHOT


Come and enjoy all of the weeklong activities!!