Drug Free Schools and Campus Act (EDGAR Part 86)

CSU Bakersfield is serious about not only complying with the law in this area but also ensuring our institution does all it can to foster an environment that promotes the health and safety of everyone – students, staff and faculty alike – in our campus community. Within this site, you will find additional information regarding the CSUB policies, programs and collaborations that drive this ongoing effort.

In compliance with Part 86 of the Drug Free Schools and Campuses regulations (www.higheredcenter.org/dfsca) this email has been distributed to provide our students with the following:

1.     a description of the health risks associated with the use of illegal drugs and alcohol (www.csub.edu/alcoholed/healthconcerns.shtml)

2.     a description of the campus  and community resources available to students including prevention and treatment resources: (www.csub.edu/alcoholed/programsandservices.shtml) and

3.     applicable federal, state, and legal sanctions (www.dea.gov/agency/penalties.htm) and (www.abc.ca.gov/LawsRulesReg.html)

4.     CSUB Alcohol and illicit Drug Policy (www.csub.edu/alcoholed/csubpolicy.shtml)