We know from national data that four of five college students choose to drink. About two in five students drink in a high-risk way, and this heavy episodic drinking is of major concern. The consequences of high-risk drinking affect students who drink, students who choose not to drink, and the university community at large. On a yearly basis, excessive drinking results in 1,400 deaths, 500,000 injuries, 600,000 assaults and 70,000 incidents of sexual assault among college students. These alcohol-related negative outcomes indicate a critical need for effective strategies to reduce high-risk drinking on college campuses.

In an effort to combat these problems, the CSUB Alcohol and Drug Education Committee has created an awareness and education program to create a low risk environment by supporting change in the campus/community culture and educating and empowering students. In addition, our Chair is involved with community coalitions that support environmental change.