CSUB Alcohol and Drug Education Public Service Announcements

The Committee actively produces flyers, posters and PSA's as a part of our media awareness campaign. Student if you are interested in participating in the making of PSA's, please contact the Chair, Erika Delamar at 661-654-3453

Safe Spring Break Radiospot

Safe Spring Break PSA Script:

Spring Break! Whether you're taking off to the ski slopes, hitting the beach or just taking it easy at home, make sure you "Don’t Get Lost—Find your way to a fun and safe Spring Break” by knowing that you have the power to make responsible decisions, know the laws regarding alcohol use, know who you are partying with, know where you drink has been, know that you can call a taxi for a safe ride home, know your sexual boundaries, and know your limits for sun exposure. A Safe Spring Break message from CSUB Alcohol and Drug Education Committee funded by the Office of Traffic Safety.

"The Morning After" Television Spot
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