Mail Services

Prepare your mail right!


  1. Loose departmental mail will not be picked up.  Be sure to overlap envelopes, if necessary, and to band out your mail.  Separate international mail as well.
  1. Mail is delivered to the departmental mailrooms, not to individual offices. When preparing inter-departmental mail, include the name of the person who is to receive the mail, complete department name, and mail stop code. Do not abbreviate the department.
  1. Refrain from sending inter-office/campus mail in regular mail envelopes. Inter-office/campus envelopes should be used.
  1. Departments are to notify Mail Services (extension: 2047) in advance of large mailings to allow sufficient time to schedule the pick-up of the material.
  1. To secure any special services, i.e., express mail, priority mail, certified and insured call Mail Services in advance to have the necessary forms sent to the department. It is the responsibility of the department to prepare the necessary forms.
  1. Mail Services does not have the capability to forward mail to faculty, staff or students who have left the University. This is the responsibility of the former employee's department.
  1. When addressing manila clasp envelopes, the clasp should be located on the right hand side as you look at the face of the envelope. Manila envelopes must be sealed/clasped before being sent to Mail Services.
  1. When preparing large mailings using regular No. 10 envelopes, either plain or window, be sure envelopes are bundled with flaps up if not sealed.
  1. The sending department should seal all pre-stamped, outgoing, official mail before being picked up by the Mail Services staff.

Bulk Mailing: Large mailings may qualify for bulk mail rates; first or third class. The minimum number of pieces to qualify for first class pre-sort rate is 500. The minimum for third class bulk rate is 200 pieces. Notify Mail Services at x2047 in advance of mailings any bulk mail job. This will allow Mail Services to schedule the preparation of the mailings. If your mailing is time dated material, remember to allow adequate time for mail preparation and delivery.

US Mail Express Mail: must be in the mailroom no later than 2:30 p.m. to ensure proper service.

Outgoing Mail: All outgoing mail requires CSUB's complete return address and your postage code. If you are unsure of your account code number, call x 2297 or x2047.

Postage Charges: Charges for postage will be reported by account code to the Accounting Office monthly.