Projects Under Construction

All projects listed are under construction or recently completed.

Art Gallery HVAC Upgrade

We will replace the inefficient/poorly functioning HVAC unit in the Todd Madigan Art Gallery with a state of the art humidifier with digital controls.  This modern unit will allow control and programing via computer/internet and will enable accurate temperature and humidity at any given day including weekends and holidays when needed.  The budget for this project is estimated at $350,000.

Dore Theatre HVAC Upgrade

This project will allow for the replacement of antiquated/poorly functioning HVAC controls with modern digital controls on the HVAC units in Dore Theatre. Once this project is complete, we will be able to precisely control the HVAC units via computer/internet.  The budget for this project is approximately $200,000.

Cooling Tower Replacement

This project consists of replacement of our existing cooling tower, main pumps, and some controls which have been at the end of their useful life for the last few years. The new stainless steel cooling tower as well as new pumps are part of our complex central plant which provides cooling throughout campus. The total project cost is $2,887,000/-.

Romberg Nursing Bldg HVAC Project

The main HVAC unit as well as individual VAV units of this building will be replaced with new VAVs and main HVAC unit along with new digital controls for the same. The total cost of this project is $ 1.3M.

Old PE Bldg Locker Rooms Reroofing and Replacement of HVAC Units

The roofing over the locker rooms as well as the HVAC units are scheduled to be replaced this summer. The total cost of this project is around $650K.