Projects Under Construction

All projects listed are under construction or recently completed.

Art Center/Satellite Plant Project—

This project consists of three components -- a new Art Center located north of the existing student housing project, Satellite Plant located west of the Child Care Center, and sewer extension between Camino Media and Ming Avenue.  The Art Center provides 12,000 square feet of new art labs for fine arts students, and includes a ceramics studio, sculpture studio, drawing/design studio, digital arts studio and print making studio.  The Satellite Plant consists of a new 600-ton chiller, a cooling tower and a 600,000-gallon thermal storage tank, and will provide enhanced and expanded heating and cooling capacity as the campus expands over the next 5 to 10 years.  The sewer extension will be the installation of a 15' sewer line between Camino Media and Ming Avenue along Scarlet Oak Boulevard.  The budget for this project is $19,015,000 and occupancy is expected September 2014.

Student Housing—

This 145,000 square feet project is located on a 7.5 acre site at the northeast quadrant of the campus adjacent to Kroll Way. Included will be 500 student beds in suite configuration with double and triple occupancy bedrooms.  Also contained in the Student Housing Complex are 12 resident advisor suites and one resident director's apartment.  Common spaces will include lounges, public toilets, classrooms, study rooms, a multi-purpose room, game room, laundry facilities and offices for the Department of Housing and Residence Life.  The outdoor spaces include picnic areas with barbeques, bike storage, garden areas, and parking for staff and guests.  The budget for this project is $41,311,000 and occupancy is expected January 2015.  

Seismic Upgrade, Dore Theatre--

This project will upgrade the structural systems of the Dore Theatre, constructed in 1981, to correct structural deficiencies identified by the CSU Seismic Review Board as priority one and by the Division of the State Architect as a Level 6 seismic risk.  Strengthening work will include bracing roof diaphragms and connections to support columns, and strengthening support connections to walls and canopies.  Additionally, seismic bracing will be upgraded for all non-structural elements such as piping, fire sprinklers, partitions, and ceilings.  The budget for this project is $1,784,000.