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Property Custodians: All you need to know

To arrange for pickup of your department's surplus state-tagged assets (i.e. furniture, computers, artwork, etc.) fill out a Property Survey Report (STD 152) as completely as possible, making sure to included the asset tag number, location of property, and your contact information.  No assets will be picked up without this form.  Then fill out a Work Request selecting "Asset Management" as the repair center.  You will not be charged for this service.  Our staff will take care of it from there.

To have us pick up assets that are not tagged, all you need to do is submit a Work Request, again selecting "Asset Management" as the repair center.  Make sure to give us a description and location for all the items.  No forms are necessary, and you will not be charged for this service. 

Asset Management Forms:

Property Control Designee

Transfer Report
Property Survey Report
Inventory Equipment
Equipment Lost/Stolen/Destroyed Report (Form A)
Addendum for Workstations and Laptops Lost/Stolen/Destroyed (Form B)
Gift Acceptance Form
Definition of Sensitive Property Equipment (memo)

Click here to access entire Asset Management policy.