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     I work on set theory and its applications to various areas of mathematics, such as general topology and

     topological groups.

Papers 2001 - ????                                                                       

bulletMaking group topologies with, and without, convergent sequences, W. W. COMFORT, S.U. RACZKOWSKI and F. J. TRIGOS-ARRIETA;  Applied General Topology, Vol. 7, (1),  (2006) pp.109-124.
bullet The dual group of a dense subgroup,  W. W. COMFORT, S.U. RACZKOWSKI and F. J. TRIGOS-ARRIETA; Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal, 54 (129) (2004), pp. 509-533.
bullet Totally bounded topological group topologies on the integers, S.U. RACZKOWSKI , Topology and Its Applications 121 (2002) pp. 63—74. Zbl 1007.22003
bullet Concerning the dual group of a dense subgroup. W. W. COMFORT,, S.U. RACZKOWSKI  and F. J. TRIGOS-ARRIETA; Summary electronically posted at: Proceedings of the Ninth Prague Topological Symposium, August 19-25, 2001; pp. 23—46.  Zbl 1007.22005
bullet Duality of totally bounded groups. S.U. RACZKOWSKI, F. J. TRIGOS-ARRIETA; pp. 1—12, in: “Boletín de la  Sociedad Matemática Mexicana”, 3 (7) (2001). Zbl 1007.22004. Electronically posted at:



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