We Know From Evidence…As Only NASA Can!

 CSU-NASA Collaborative

2007 Summer Institute

Important Dates:

June 26th, 27th, 28th



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Welcome to the CSU-NASA 2007 Summer Institute

hosted by CSUB and sponsored by Chevron Corporation and NASA-JPL

"What's Your Problem?" Our tongue-in-cheek theme for 2007!

Once again the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is happy to express their commitment to education, and to share their expertise and resources with area educators and the community. Our first CSU-NASA Summer Institute was successfully held in 2004, and thanks to support from NASA and a grant from the Chevron Corporation, CSUB is proud to host the 2007 event.

Our 2007 featured NASA Scientist will be Dr. Ross J. Salawitch, NASA-JPL Principal Investigator for NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory. He will be speaking on “Global Warming” – a topic occasionally making national news! Several other prominent NASA projects will also be explored over the three-day event.

Of course, as educators, exploring exciting NASA resources is one thing – getting them into the curriculum is something different (and often problematic) all together. This in mind, “What’s your problem?” is our Institute Theme for 2007.

Remember all of the enthusiasm and good will that accompanied that first year of teaching? Most likely it’s still there, but daily struggles and challenges raise doubts in us all. We begin asking ourselves deep and compelling questions about making a difference in student’s lives, and whether or not all the hard work is really worth it. Many teachers struggle to answer those questions in a positive way, and unfortunately leave the field when the “problems” appear to out weigh the “solutions.” It doesn’t have to be that way. Since you choose to be a member of this institute, we know you are serious about your career in education, and we are serious about you.

Whether you are in a leadership position assisting and supporting other teachers, or an individual teacher seeking to hone your own skills to get more out of your career, we are delighted to partner with you. The professional problems and challenges you face may be yours, however, the solutions belong to all of us. The goal of the 2007 CSU-NASA Summer Institute is to merge exciting NASA Resources with practical solutions for getting these great activities into the classroom. We look forward to this opportunity, and a lasting partnership.


Ron Hughes - CSU, Bakersfield
Troy Tenhet - Panama-Buena Vista Unified School District
Stef Soccoman - Cal Poly, Pomona
Art Hammon - NASA-JPL