The Brandon Series


M. L. Heivly

Brandon, Ireland: from the dawn of western civilization, the end of the world. Located on the western most tip of Dingle, Ireland. A land of early Christian
pilgrimages, deities and and heroes of Irish mythology. It's not Tir na Og, but on occasion you can see it from here.


The father, the son and
the holy ghost
rose from the path
on Brandon Mountain
Seeking salvation,
Stepped one by one
into the sea.
M.L. Heivly 1998-2001
Arraglen, Dingle, Co Kerry, Ir.




And when I die | They comely runnin' | Two stand, jumpup


O' Brien is it? | Spun early, that one. | They closed the green road,


Listen, Michael. | Did you know,


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