Michael L. Heivly


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Soil Landscape in Deep Space 40" X 32" Soil and acrylic on paper ©1978


Involved with issues of art and technology since the late 1970s, Michael Heivly has spent the past two decades developing the concept of micro-waves as sculptural volumes in deep space. Through numerous collaborations, individual exhibitions and performances, he has succeeded in blending computer technology, electronic music, performance and sculpture into a new and innovative artistic form (see Leonardo-The International Journal of Art and Technology, Vol. 25, No.1, 1992).

After receiving his M.F.A. from the University of Colorado in 1972 Mr. Heivly has had a number of solo exhibitions including the Wenger-Casat Gallery in La Jolla, Calif., the New Mexico State University Museum, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, Calif. and the Burchfield Gallery at The State University College at Buffalo, NY.

Selected Deep Space Site Transmissions and performances were given in 1992 at the International Computer Music Conference, San Jose State University; in 1990 as a guest artist with the Tandy Beal Dance Company at Santa Clara University; in 1989 at the National Computer Graphic Arts Conference with the San Jose Museum of Art; in 1988 at the "Visions of Space" Conference, Ruben Fleet Space Center, San Diego, Calif. and in 1986 at the State University College in Buffalo, NY.

In 1984 he was named a Distinguished Artist of the California State Universities and is currently an Artist/Fellow of Project InterCommunication Center, Tokyo, Japan. He has participated in numerous lectures, visiting artist residencies, solo and group exhibitions both in North America and Europe including the Museum of Science and Industry, Los Angeles, Calif., Leslie Gleaser Gallery, La Jolla, Calif.; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Utrecht, Holland; P.S.1. Gallery, NY, NY; the University of Colorado Art Galleries, Boulder, Colorado; Smith College, Northhampton, Maine, Gallery Ecart, Geneva, Switzerland and LA Artcore Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Mr. Heivly, who is currently Professor of Art at California State University, Bakersfield has taught at San Diego State University, The Santa Reparata Graphic Center, Florence, Italy, The California State Summer School for the Arts, California State University Summer Arts and was most recently an Artist in Residence at The National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland and 2010 was named a fellow of the Tyrone Guthrine Center in Newbliss, Ireland.

At this time Mr. Heivly is involved in the photography of mythological sites as well as the research and presentation of site specific musical performances of his Deep Space Site Transmissions, a Micro-wave Sculpture in Deep Space.


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