Dealing with Oppositional Parents

An Educator's Guide to Conflict Resolution

Anger Management--A Psychological Perspective
     -Sandy Burrell, Ruth James, Thomas Miguel, and Judy Upham 
The Roles of the Administrator, Teacher, Security, and Support Staff 
     -Todd Farr, Terry Kent, Jeremy Radke, Candy Rodio
A Desirable Parental Role 
     -Joy Klepfer
Grievance Procedures
     -Andre D. Williams
Relevant California Education Code
     -Robert Desmond
Relevant California Penal Code
     -Kerri Wanless and Linda Raffle
Confrontational Parents: Examples
     -Pete Bland
Four Interviews
     -Rodney Lots
Case Studies
     -Jo Anne Pulley
Case Studies
     -Dave Parsons
     -Jarrod Henry
     -Darlene White 
     -Todd White 
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