NOVEMBER 2014     Kremp's Guide to Photosynthesis For Kids

OCTOBER 2004    George Boeree's Language Pages    Web site that specializes in linguistic anthropology    Evolution of Alphabets    Ethnologue: Languages of the World    Major language families of the world    Eclectic range of audio experiences    Epic poetry recorded in Old Norse    Language and culture pages    Audio samples of nearly a hundred different spoken languages

SEPTEMBER 2004    Landslides in U. S. Geological Surveys    USGS News and Information on El Niņo    U. S. Geological Survey    Landslides and the Forest Practices Code    90 million tons of rock down on a sleeping town    Frank Slide, Alberta The Day the Mountain Fell    Hawaiian landslides    Submarine landslides    Geology of Mars

JULY - AUGUST 2004    Ancient Egyptian Sports    Mesoamerican ballgames.    Worlds of Archaeology, Anthropology, & Ancient Civilizations    (Para) Olympics in Athens    Sport science meets the Olympics    Science and technology role in sports    The perfect jump and other videos.    Official Olympics site.    Animal Olympians    Marine Animal Records   Insect Records    Experiments in animal locomotion.

JUNE 2004    Birdsong ID    Cornell Lab of Ornithology    Calls and songs from birds from New York State    New England naturalist F. Schuyler Mathews    Periodical Cicada Page    Amphibian audio clips    Guide to Animal Sounds on the Net    Insect sounds    Bug bytes.

MAY 2004    A summary of the processes that make mountains rise.    View of how colliding tectonic plates transform the earth.    Global plate tectonic model.    Plate motions in the Mediterranean region.    Tectonic process of ancient mountain chains.    Northern Appalachian chain's geological history.    Active Tectonics

APRIL 2004    Gardening and landscape advice and tips    Earth Observatory Site        Chlorophyll Observatory Site    History and simple explanation of photosynthesis    Same but for children    Arizona State University Photosynthesis Center    Diagram of events to change photons into food    How the photosynthesis process got under way on earth.

MARCH 2004    Pursuit of chemical elements.    Largest mineralogy database in the Internet    Web-elements periodic table.    Royal Society of Chemistry    Biosphere 2000 Project    U.S. Geological Survey Mineral Resources Program    Report on rare earth elements.

Astrobiology at NASA                         Astrobiology Web

American Oceans Campaign                 Antique & Classic Fishing Reels              Big Marine Fish

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Seafood.       Oceana                                                   Depletion of Sea Life

Sea Watch                                            Sea Webb   

Denver Museum of Natural Science    Web site for children    San Francisco's Exploratorium    NASA's "Quest" site    NASA's "Astroventure"

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