Cartoons of Thomas Nast: Reconstruction, Chinese Immigration, Native Americans, Gilded Era

Cartoons of Thomas Nast: Reconstruction, Chinese Immigration, Native Americans, Gilded Era

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Cartoon. "The Youngest Introducing the

Oldest." (July 18, 1868). Thomas Nast.

(Columbia introduces John Chinaman to

The Western Powers)

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Cartoon. "Pacific Chivalry." (August 7, 1869).

Thomas Nast.

(California ruffian whips John Chinaman)

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Cartoon. "The Comet of Chinese Labor." (June

13,1870). Thomas Nast.

(Arrival of strike-busting Chinese to East Coast, North

Adams, Massachussetts Model Shoe Factory strike)

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Cartoon. "The Chinese Question." (February 18, 1871).

Thomas Nast.

(Columbia defends disconsolae John Chinaman from

nativist Attacks)

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Cartoon. "'Every Dog' (No distinction of Color) 'Has

His Day'." (February 8, 1879). Thomas Nast.

(Bedraggled Native American to Chinese immigrant)

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Cartoon. "A Matter of Taste." (c. 1883). Thomas Nast.

(John Chinaman refuses Soup in Kearney's Senatorial

Resturant--refers to legislation pertaining to Chinese

Exclusion Act)

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Cartoon. Armed White Man's Leaguer and Ku Klux Klan

Member Shake Hands a cowed African American Family.

(October 1874). Thomas Nast.

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Cartoon. "The Modern Samson." (1868). Thomas Nast.

(Southern Democracy as Delilah Shears the Hair of

Suffrage off a Black Samson)

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Cartoon. "Let Us Prey." ( ). Thomas Nast.

(New York City's Boss Tweed Gang as Vultures)

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Cartoon, 2 Panels. "The Odor of the Nigger

(Republican) is Offensive," (White Southern Democrat

holds nose as well turned out freedmen go to vote),

"But . . ." (sycophantic Democrats at a fancy dress

ball court black participants). (September 26 1868).

Thomas Nast.

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Cartoon. "Halt!' "This is not the way to repress

corruption and initiate the Negroes into the ways of

honest and orderly Government!" (1871?). Thomas Nast.

(A sword wielding Columbia drives back thugs from the

White Man's League)

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Cartoon. "The New Alabama." (1874). Thomas Nast.

(South as a pirate, "redeemed" by the Democratic Party,

hoists the Jolly Roger of slavery aboard "The New

Alabama"--reference is to Confederate Naval Raider of

Civil War)