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Daniel David Cervi

Department of Sociology/Antelope Valley Campus





Room 407



(661) 952-5019


Office Hours:



Mon & Wed

Noon to 2:30 pm

10 Email Rules


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This is YOUR training for the professional world

The phrase some people are sick and tired of hearing from me is, Dont do this to someone whos signing your paycheck.

When you are frequently absent, or continually disturb the class by arriving late, or frequently getting up to take care of other

business, you are creating an identity that everyone sees. Everyone is paying attention as you bring a disruptive focus onto

yourself. No one respects that. Most of us are just tolerating your intrusions. It shows little regard for other people and the

activity under way, and it demonstrates low self-awareness. These are two characteristics that you want to score high on for

success in the professional world. And finally, dont fool yourself into saying, Ya, ya; I know what Im supposed to do, and

Ill act right when I get on the job.


SOC 325: Sociology of Crime Course Syllabus





SOC 490: Senior Seminar Course Syllabus