F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where is the Writing Resource Center located?

             The tutoring center is located in Administration East 105.

When is the Writing Resource Center open?

             Please check the current hours for the quarter in the “Hours & Directions” link.

How much does it cost to use the Writing Resource Center?

             Tutoring is absolutely FREE to currently enrolled CSUB students!

What other subjects beside English/Writing are tutored?

             None. The Writing Resource Center only provides tutoring in writing and English. Note that Writing tutoring includes ALL subject areas. This also includes Presentation preparation such as for speeches in a communications class.

What should I bring with me to the Writing Resource Center?

             You should come prepared with your assignment, pen, necessary textbooks, prompts, and other applicable materials.

Will the tutors proofread my paper?

             The tutors’ job is to help you learn to proofread on your own.  Tutors will help you identify errors, but you must fix them.

Can I bring my paper to the Writing Resource Center a half hour before it is due?

             Chances are you will need to make some changes, and this is not enough time to do so.  To learn from your own writing, you need to give yourself time to understand and correct your errors.

Can the tutors look over my paper on the computer?

             No.  Tutors will only work with hard copies of assignments.

Can I print my papers at the Writing Resource Center?

             IF and ONLY IF you are WORKING WITH A TUTOR you can print a MAXIMUM of 5 pages front and back.  You may use the library to print your assignments.

Can I bring in a handwritten paper?

             Yes, if it is legible and a typed version is not possible; however, try to bring in a paper that is typed and double-spaced because it is easier for tutors to read.

How much time will it take to go over my paper?

             Depending on the number of students waiting to be helped and the length of your paper, the time to review your paper will vary.  The tutors may only be able to go over a small portion of your paper to identify mistakes.

Is there anything I can do to be better prepared before I come into the Writing Resource Center?

             Read your paper aloud to yourself, a friend, or a family member.  Also, it is important to be familiar with spell check, the dictionary, the thesaurus, and a writing manual, like Quick Access.  Also, have a copy of your assignment available for the tutors.  If you are having difficulties getting started, ask the tutors for help.

What should I expect from English/Writing tutoring?

             The tutors will help you focus on your main problems i.e. structure, organization, grammar, logic, etc.