Flyers and Forms


The documents below are flyers we hand out to faculty and students and post on campus with our hours of operations, location, and contact info. Feel free to print and spread the word.

Full Page WRC Flyer

Handout Flyer (four to a page)

Forms for Tutoring

Referral form

Faculty may also freely print out this referral form if they require tutoring as part of their course or feel a student would benefit from a tutoring session. The link for the document is below.

WRC Tutoring Passport

This form is used in English 910 to track required tutoring hours for the course.

WRC Reflection Form

This form can be used as part of a tutoring requirement for a course or for a single assignment. The form forces students to actively think about their what they learned during their session and to make decisions about future plans for revision after the session. It is meant to be turned in with an assignment.