What happens during a tutoring session?

You should:

* Check in with a tutor at your appointed time.

* Bring your assignment, books, notes, and PRINTED drafts to each session.

* Be prepared to discuss your assignment or work with the tutor (no dropping off papers).

What to expect from your session:

Discuss the assignment or writing task. A tutor will discuss the purpose of the writing task you are working on.

Establish focus for the session. At the beginning of the appointment, you and a tutor will determine what you want to focus on. It is helpful if you come to your session with a clear agenda for what writing issues you want to work on. The more you put into the session, the more productive it will be.

Think, write, and talk about your writing. A tutor will primarily ask questions designed to help you to actively reflect on the assignment or your draft, to discuss your ideas about the topic and your writing process, and to help you write or revise parts of your paper.

Work on strategies for effective writing. A tutor may also show you how best to write, revise, or edit your paper. At this point, a tutor might recommend options or writing strategies for you to consider. As needed, a tutor might teach you writing concepts or strategies.