VOIP Voicemail Training FAQs

As with any new system or technology, you will have questions. This FAQ is designed to provide you with the answers you need.


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Do I have to record greetings for no answer, busy, and extended away?

No, you don't have to record greetings for no answer and busy. You can use the SystemGgreeting for them. The Extended Away Greeting lets your callers know that you are not in the office or on-campus. As such, it is recommended that you record an Extended Away Greeting when you will be out of the office for over 24 hours.

How do I access my voicemail when I am away from my office?

To access your voicemail from out of the office,

1. Dial 661-654-2933

2. Press *

3. Enter your mailbox number ( your extension)

4. Enter your passcode

I am locked out of my voicemail, what do I do?

If you enter your passcode incorrectly more than 5 times, the voicemail system will lock you out of your mailbox. To correct the problem, please contact the Help Desk at 661-654-2307.

The voicemail will not allow me to change my passcode

The VOIP Voicemail system requires a passcode that is at least 6 digits. These six digits cannot contain repeating numbers, such as 000000 or 111111.

How do I record an Away Message?

The VOIP Voicemail system refers to the Away Message as your Extended Away Greeting. This greeting is what the callers hear when you are on vacation, away on business, etc.

To record your Extended Away Greeting

  • Press 4 to record your Extended Away Greeting
  • Begin recording at the tone

While recording, press:

#— End recording

3—Record new greeting

1 — Activate the new greeting

4— Play current greeting