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Faculty Showcase

Each faculty member listed has had their course or courses recognized
by the Quality Matters Program.

Dr. Carlisle, English Professor Since 1997, Dr. Robert Carlisle has developed and taught fully online classes.  He has been engaged in research and scholarship in online instruction.  His courses ENGL 319 and ENGL 420 were QM certified in June 2012 and February 2013 respectively.  ENGL 319 has also been recognized as an exemplary online course by CSU Quality Online Learning and Teaching Program (QOLT) in 2013.  He is a Quality Matters peer reviewer.
Dr. Heintz, Nursing Professor Dr. Phyllis Heintz teaches online courses in Nursing Management, Professional Issues and Concepts in Nursing, and Foundations of Nursing Research. Dr. Heintz was recently awarded the CSU Sony Innovation in Technology Teaching Award. Her course NURS 357 was QM certified in August, 2012. She is a Quality Matters peer reviewer.
Professor Gebauer, Chemistry Professor Andreas Gebauer has been teaching online since 2012. His course CHEM 390 was QM certified in January, 2013. He is a Quality Matters peer reviewer.
Professor He, Nursing Instructor Heidi He has been teaching for the University since 2006.   As a nursing instructor, she has taught graduate and undergraduate level courses.  She has taught traditional face to face courses and on line courses. She enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with her students. Her course NURS 345 was QM certified in October, 2013.
Dr. Ault, Political Science Professor For many years, Dr. Michael Ault has been actively involved in using technology for the purpose of educating students. His HyFlex classroom (i.e., synchronous live, synchronous live online, and asynchronous recorded) allows for a flexible course structure to improve student learning and engagement. His course PLSI 101 was certified by QM in November, 2013. He is a Quality Matters peer reviewer.
Dr. Schultz, Curriculum & Instruction Professor Dr. Randy Schultz first began teaching online courses for Bank Street College in 1994. Since then has developed and taught online courses for Bank Street, Connected University, KCSOS and CSUB. His course EDCI 530 was certified by QM in November, 2013.
Dr. Evans, Psychology Professor Dr. Allison Evans started teaching at CSUB in 1999. She teaches a variety of undergraduate psychology courses. Dr. Evans began teaching hybrid courses in 2012 and currently she has been teaching fully online social psychology courses. Her course PSYC 312 was certified in January, 2014. She is a Quality Matters peer reviewer.
Michelle Kinder, Nursing Professor Michelle Kinder has been teaching for the university since 2005. Michelle has taught online since 2010 and teaches online courses in nursing leadership and medical-surgical support courses. Michelle was instrumental in developing the online curriculum for the RN-BSN program within the Department of Nursing. Michelle's Nursing 492 course was QM certified in September 2014.
Sam Jenkins, Social Work Professor Sam Jenkins has a Master of Social Work from California State University Sacramento and a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre from the University of Utah. He is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of clinical experience. Sam has taught social work and theatre at the university level with over ten years experience teaching social work with both undergraduate and graduate students. Sam loves creativity and technology and entwines both into this teaching style. Sam’s has a growing interesting in hybrid/blended learning and has completed the Quality Matters Peer Reviewer Course and Designing Your Blended Course.
Dr. Wang, Advanced Educational Studies Professor Dr. Wang started teaching a lab-based statistics course at CSUB in 1993. He was the first group of faculty recruited by Extended University to develop online courseware in the late 1990s. In November 2014, his course EDRS680 received a perfect score from Quality Matters peer review. His next goal is to incorporate more online and hands-on learning opportunities for doctoral students in an Intermediate Statistics class.
Dr. Diller, Teacher Education Professor Dr. Marselline Diller began teaching as an adjunct lecturer for the CSUB Teacher Credentialing program in 2008. She has taught courses in Elementary and Secondary Education, Educational Counseling, and Educational Administration. She is a CSUB Alumni, earning her Administrative Credential in 2006, and her doctorate in the CSUB/UOP program. Marci is currently employed full-time as an Academic Coach/Teacher for the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District. Her hybrid course EDEL 461: Math Methods and Assessment was certified by Quality Matters in October 2015.
Dr. Edna Molina-Jackson, Sociology Professor Dr. Edna Molina-Jackson received her doctorate in Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles. Since 2003, she has taught a variety of face to face, hybrid and fully online courses for both undergraduate and graduate students at CSUB. Her online courses include Social Stratification, Diversity and U.S. Education and Family and Stress. Also, she has developed several new courses that were added to university curriculum and the most recent was added in fall 2016, The Sociology of Happiness. Her online course, Family and Stress was QM certified in fall 2015.
Dr. Teresa Fernández Ulloa, Modern Languages & Literatures Asst. Prof. Dr. Teresa Fernández Ulloa has a Ph.D. in Spanish Philology (language and Linguistics area, Sociolinguistics specialization), University of Deusto (Basque Country, Spain). Dr. Fernández Ulloa has been teaching at CSUB since 2003, where she has taught many online and hybrid courses (topics on Spanish language, literature and linguistics; first and second language acquisition; and culture and politics in Spain and Latin America). She has also taught at other universities, among them, the National Distance Learning University in Spain, where she learned about many technologies for engaging students in online environments. Dr. Fernández Ulloa’s course Spanish 409 (Advanced Spanish Syntax) was certified by the Quality Matters Program. She is a Quality Matters master reviewer, and has taken several QM workshops to continue learning about the design of online courses.
Jane Yadon, Nursing Professor Jane Yadon has been teaching at CSUB since 2012. As a Nursing instructor, she teaches undergraduate courses and is currently the Director for the RN to BSN Nursing Program, which is comprised of online courses. Her course, Nurs 441, was QM certified in 2015. As a former online student and current online faculty, Jane enjoys working with students to make their online experience rewarding.