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Associated Students Incorporated (ASI):

ASI Sustainability: ASI has a Vice President of University Affairs and a Director of Sustainability, whose focus is on participating in sustainability initiatives, and educating the student body on various sustainability projects that are important to students.

California State Student Association (CSSA):

Greenovation Grant: The California State Student Association (CSSA) provides grant funding for sustainability initiatives for campuses within the CSU system. Students can request up to $2,000 of funding for a sustainability project and funding is awarded on a competitive basis. Below are a couple of the projects awarded in the past.

Rowdy Refill:

Students - Hydration Station

Rowdy Refill was an initiative spearheaded by ASI to purchase water bottle filling stations (pictured left). The goal of this project was to reduce the amount of single use plastic water bottles that are being utilized.  With help form the Greenovation Grant and ASI Reserved funding, ASI purchased 20 water bottle refilling station and installed them throughout campus in high traffic areas.  ASI and other campus departments regularly give out free water bottles to students as an incentive to use the bottle filling stations.    

Runners Recycle:

Students - Runner RecycleRunners Recycle was an initiative spearheaded by the students for sustainability club, where plastic recycle bins were purchased for high traffic areas of campus, including DDH and Science III.  The students for sustainability club was responsible for emptying the recyclables, and retained the proceeds from the recyclables in their club account for future sustainability initiatives. The Students for Sustainability Club disbanded in 2014 and is currently looking for interested students to recharter the club. 

Energize Colleges (2016 - 2019):

The Energize Colleges program was a partnership among Strategic Energy Innovations and the California utility companies.
Energize Colleges takes a multi-prong approach to expanding energy course offerings to students. A facet of the program involves paid internships for CSUB students. The Energize Colleges internships prepare students for the green workforce by providing learning opportunities in renewable energy, energy reduction, energy management and more. Other aspects of the program involve collaboration with the local high schools and faculty grants for expanding energy courses. For full program description and for current internship positions, click here. 

Environmental Leadership Program:

The Environmental Leadership Program, formerly known as the Students for Sustainability Club is a student-run club that seeks to involve students in sustainability initiatives and make environmental changes on campus and in the community. The Environmental Leadership Program was awarded the Runners Recycle grant for purchase of recycle bins in the 2012-2013 school-year. Get more information by heading to the Student Union Front Desk.