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Q: What is sustainability?

In the context of its multiple missions, a sustainable university meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations and creates opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to enhance the quality of life throughout their communities, both physical and scholarly. A sustainable university acts as a living laboratory where sustainability is researched, taught, tested, and constantly refined. Sustainability is a process, not an end goal.

Q: How do I help my office or department operate more sustainably?

CSUB sustainability has an innovated program called Green Office (GO) to help departments become more sustainable in their water and energy use, waste management, and transportation choices. The GO Program is designed to educate, engage, and empower groups of staff and faculty who want to promote a culture of sustainability on campus. Sign up today!

Q: What is the first step to becoming a Green Office at CSUB?

Q: What if most of my office does not want to participate, can I still start a partnership?

We encourage offices to get a majority of the office on board in order to start the program. Feel free to contact the Green Office and let us know how we can help motivate your office. 

Q: What are our goals?

  1. To develop campus knowledge about sustainability
  2. Transition into a green workforce
  3. Influence our community to adopt clean and efficient energy practice

Q: What departments are eligible for Green Office certification?

Anyone! Working towards a greener campus, starts with you. For more questions, contact the CSUB GO Team at

Q: How long does the title last? How often do offices have to reapply?

Ranks last one complete GO Cycle which is the equivalent of one academic semester. GO scores reset at the start of every new semester. The GO team will contact you at the beginning of each semester to schedule a semester audit.

Q: What if my office cannot meet all of the requirements on the checklist?

It’s okay! We understand not everyone can meet every requirement, that’s why we have included over 100 different ways your office can work towards sustainability. Feel free to contact our office, let us know how we can help you reach your goal

Q: What is my Green score?

Your Green score is the total number of points your office earned from your checklist.

Q: What are some other things CSUB is doing to promote sustainability?

You can learn more about CSUB’s efforts to at

Q: What do I do when my recycle bin is full?

Empty it at the office’s recycle bin, closes to you. For locations of centralized recycle bins visit

Have additional questions?

Feel free to contact us at (

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