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Theme S: Sustainability and Social Responsibility

With the conversion from quarters to semesters, the general education program was transformed into the thematic model, allowing students to earn a specialized thematic minor based on one of the available themes. One of these themes has a focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

At CSUB, students and faculty engage in broad, interdisciplinary themes woven throughout lower-division and upper-division GE coursework, as well as co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.  Themes provide CSUB students with a strategically defined cohort of fellow students, explicitly designed opportunities to practice integrative and interdisciplinary learning, and robust, collaborative partnerships. Students are encouraged to gain a depth of knowledge by pursuing a thematic minor through GE coursework.

Wellness and Sustainability Community - Student Housing and Residence Life 

Student Housing East boasts a Living Learning Community (LLC) for Wellness and Sustainability.  Students living within this community can expect a plethora of programs and activities that promote wellness and sustainability. Such programs include recycling competitions and awareness, mental health programs, community workout nights at the Student Recreation Center, up-cycling, and so much more!

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