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How does a Tax ID work and how do I get one?

Your club cannot use CSUB's, ASI's, or the Student Union's Tax ID#. If a Tax ID# was used improperly, it could jeopardize the school's or department's non-profit status.

If someone is making a donation to your club, whether in cash or in-kind goods, the donor needs to write an email to Andrew Fitch at Include contact information, the name of the club receiving the donation, and what the donation will consist of. Accounting will reply with a copy of a W-9 the donor can use to deduct the donation from their tax paperwork.

Your club will not have its own Tax ID#, although clubs that are a chapter of a national organization may have rules specific to that organization as well.

To be clear, a donation is not a donation if the donor gets something in return.

Can our club hold a raffle?

In short, no. Raffles are considered gambling because someone is paying money for a chance to win something. Games of luck, like cards or spinning wheels, or 50/50 drawings are also considered gambling and are not allowed.

However, clubs may hold a "donation drawing." A donation drawing differs from a raffle in that the person is donating money to the club with no expectation of receiving anything in return. If one or more donors are selected to receive a prize, that's fine, but your club didn't "sell" anything.  Don't use phrases like "Would you like to buy..." or "you have a chance to win..." or "We're selling...". Say something like "If you'd like to make a donation to our club, we'll be giving some thank you gifts to a few of our donors."

Three are two other requirements for a drawing to be legal in California. First, you have to be able to get into the drawing without making a donation. That's why you see contests on television say "no purchase necessary." Second, the free entry has to have exactly the same chance as an entry received for a donation. You can't use big tickets for donors and small ones for non-donors.

What's a good/bad way to raise money for our club?

Common fundraisers include partnering with restaurants where you drive traffic into their business and in turn, they make a donation of 20%-50% to your club. Local car washes will also print tickets with your organization's name on them for you to pass out to friends and family. Then when they come in to the car wash with your ticket, you'll get part of the price of the car wash.

Some clubs hold food sales on campus for food that the club prepares themselves. This requires someone in the club to have gone through "Food Officer" training, and for that person to be at the food sale. Keep in mind that clubs run the risk of holding their food sale on the same day that food may be given away on the Student Union patio, which can hurt sales.

Another effective way to raise money is to hold a yard sale. Have every club member donate a bag or a box or two of items from home. Find a member whose home is easily accessible by traffic. Advertise for free with signs or through social media or local "sale" websites. Four hours on a Saturday, 100% of the money goes to the club instead of 20% or 50%. Take what's left to a non-profit thrift store.

Auctions or silent auctions can sometimes be effective. Care has to be taken that you are not perceived as auctioning a "person." No "bachelor" or "bachelorette" auctions, no "maid service" auctions, etc. And if you are auctioning off an item, put the item on display - don't have it held by a person, lest the person be perceived as part of the "deal."

And of course, don't rule out grants. With grants, you're often competing with others for the money, so the key to success is to write grants for every opportunity that applies to your organization. Keep in mind, many grants are for a specific purpose so you can't just use grant money however you see fit unless the grant provider agrees to that. Otherwise, you are violating "donor intent."

Finally, a club can just ask for donations. Set up a table (with permission), display some items that show how you'll use the money raised, and give people a chance to help.

There are also ways to raise money that are either bad ideas or forbidden altogether. Holding your own car wash is a bad idea because if you damage an expensive car in any way, you (not your club, and not the school) is liable for the damage.

You are forbidden from making food at home and selling it to raise money. That's California State law.

You're not allowed to purchase prepared food off-campus and sell it on-campus. Giving it away is fine, but Aramark has the contract for prepared food sales on campus and this would be like the restaurant paying you to sell their food and compete with Aramark.

You're also not allowed to create pages for online fundraising, since there's no way to get that money into your on-campus account without having it go through an unapproved account.

Where can I advertise on campus?

All of these options require the club to have completed chartering, otherwise advertising the club on campus is forbidden.

1) Chartered clubs can have a 3' wide, 8'5"' high banner space in DDH, on a first come-first serve basis. Check with OSI for the availability of spaces. Just because a space is blank does not mean it's available.

2) Clubs can have flyers stamped and dated by Campus Programming, and then place them in select OSI approved locations. Campus Programming can provide a map.

3) Clubs can post flyers elsewhere IF you have permission from the person or department in charge of those areas.

4) Clubs can check out an "A-frame" or a "sandwich board" from the Student Union for the day to promote an event.

5) Clubs can run an ad in the Runner newspaper.

6) Clubs can create paper banners that can be hung on the exterior walls of Dorothy Donahoe Hall (DDH). Clubs are limited to five per semester.

7) Clubs can reserve the glass cases in DDH for a month at a time, but this must be done far in advance.

8) Clubs can advertise using chalk in the area between DDH/CECE/Runner Cafe called the "quad." Clubs must secure permission, first.

9) Yard stakes are allowed under certain circumstances. Discuss with OSI first.

Where can I go for forms?

Blank Chartfield Delegation of Authority. Put your club name in the "Title" box,

Model Constitution Template

ASI Funding Request.

Club Budget Tracking Form for tracking revenue and expenses

Direct Pay Form for club reimbursement over $250. Direct Pay checks take approximately ten business days to process.

NEW Direct Pay Sample Form.

Petty Cash for club reimbursement under $250. Usually get cash back the same day.

Petty Cash Sample Form.

Collection Sheet for deposits from fundraisers or donations into your club account.

Collection Sheet Sample Form.

Waiver for release of liability.

How do I hold an event?

All student organization events on campus must be submitted through the 25Live Event Organization software. Click this link for a step-by-step tutorial on how to submit an event request through 25Live: How to Request an Event in 25Live (clickable link). If you've never used 25Live before, even with the tutorial, ask for help in OSI.

You cannot "reserve" a room in 25Live, you can only "request" one, and your request has to go through an approval process. Event requests must be at least two weeks from the date of the request. Request locations as far in advance as possible to give you time to deal with any complications that may arise.

All student organization events, both on campus and off campus, must be entered into RunnerSync. This allows for student participation tracking for the students' co-curricular transcripts. Create events through your club's RunnerSync page.

Some events may require insurance or special forms. For extraordinarily large events, clubs should discuss with OSI and they will work with you to involve University Events.

Is there one source where I can go for all the answers?

The Runner Source Student Organizations Handbook includes detailed information regarding the operation and expectations of student organizations at CSUB. To download a .pdf file of the Runner Source, click this link: Runner Source (clickable link). All club officers should download and read ths handbook as one of their first tasks serving in a officer position.