Start, Renew or Reactivate a Club at CSUB

Student groups on the CSUB campus have to complete an annual chartering process before they will be recognized by the university.

This process has been streamlined and made paperless as much as possible. The steps necessary to start a new club, reactivate an inactive club, or renew a club as part of the annual process are listed below.

STEP ONE: Student Interest

The first step is to gauge interest in a club. Clubs will not be recognized (chartered) unless at least five students commit to being members of the club. Once five students have agreed to join a club, the first step is complete.

STEP TWO: Officer and Advisor Interest

Secure two students to serve as President and Treasurer of the club. Most clubs also have Vice Presidents and Secretaries, and some have additional officers. However, a President and a Treasurer are mandatory. The club must also secure an Advisor. A club Advisor may be full time or part time CSUB faculty or staff, but they cannot be on hiatus or sabbatical, and they cannot part of an auxiliary unit. Once you have people committed to these positions, the second step is complete. Note: Clubs are allowed to charter with temporary officers in the positions of President and Treasurer if they prefer to have students elected to the positions of President and Treasurer.

STEP THREE: Club Registration

Registration starts by emailing the name and email addresses of the President, Treasurer and Advisor to Ed Webb, the Student Organizations and RunnerSync Coordinator, at If it is a new club, an appointment will be made to create a RunnerSync page for the club. If it is an existing club, the officers and advisor will be given admin status on the page and will be designated in their official positions. RunnerSync is CSUB's Organization Management Software. This step serves to replace the "Registration Form" required in past years.

STEP FOUR: Officer and Advisor Registration

When page creation is complete on RunnerSync, the Officers and Advisor will be emailed requests to complete individual registration forms. These forms cannot be filled out by others on behalf of the officers because they include the equivalent of an electronic signature for "Terms of Service." These forms serve to replace the Advisor Risk and Responsibility Form and the President/Advisor Agreement Form. They also include an authorization for release of GPA, as a minimum 2.0 GPA is a requirement for a club President or Treasurer to hold the position.

STEP FIVE: Orientation

In previous years, Orientations were face-to-face events that could be attended by any club member. Moving forward, Orientations will be done online as part of the Officer Registration process.

STEP SIX: Submit a Chartfield Signature Authorization Form

This form is needed to establish a club fund (a club's on-campus financial account). It requires the signature of a club's President, Treasurer and Advisor. This form must be resubmitted if a new or additional person is to be granted access to club funds, or if any former approved signers should no longer have access to club funds. This document can be downloaded from the "Files" tab on a club's RunnerSync page, or from the "Student Life" RunnerSync page. When completed, the form with original signatures must be turned into the Office of Student Involvement. It should not be uploaded by club members. A blacnk Chartfield Signature Authorization Form can be downloaded at this LINK.

STEP SEVEN: Submit a Constitution

In 2012, the CSU Chancellor ordered that all student clubs and organizations have constitutions with specific wording relating to anti-discrimination, open membership, hazing and other issues. The Chancellor released a Model Constitution for clubs to follow. Clubs simply input their own appropriate information in each area and sign the constitution. This document is available through the "Links" area on the RunnerSync front page, in the lower right. When completed, email the constiution to Ed Webb at for review. A final version will be returned via email, which can then br printed out, signed, and delivered to the Office of Student Involvement. OSI will sign it and upload it to your club's RunnerSync page. Contact the Office of Student Involvement if you have questions or need help.

STEP EIGHT: Membership Roster

Club RunnerSync pages must include at least five currently enrolled students on the roster at all times.

STEP NINE: Charter Letter

This step does not require anything on behalf of the club. The Office of Student Involvement will verify that the previous steps have been completed, and it will issue a Charter Letter that outlines the privileges of being recognized by the university. This letter will be uploaded to the club's RunnerSync page.


RUNNER SOURCE (clickable link)

RunnerSource is the policy and procedures handbook for student organizations on campus. All members should review the policies and ensure that the organization is abiding by them.


These Club Fund Account Guidelines have been developed as an addendum to the RunnerSource Policy and Procedures Handbook.


The university is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy living and learning environment for students, faculty, and staff. Each member of the campus community should choose behaviors that contribute toward this end. Students are expected to be good citizens and to engage in responsible behaviors that reflect well upon their university, to be civil to one another and to others in the campus community, and contribute positively to student and university life.


The term “registered student organization” does not mean, nor is it intended to mean, that the organization is a part of, or in any way affiliated with, the academic program of California State University, Bakersfield. A registered student organization is a private association of students granted the use of certain CSUB facilities and support services. Activities held off campus by registered organizations are not in any way sponsored by, nor affiliated with, California State University, Bakersfield unless expressly authorized by the Office of Student Involvement.