The School of Social Sciences and Education enriches the lives of our students and improves the communities in which they live by providing high quality undergraduate and graduate programs in the social sciences and education. Our programs provide opportunities for students to grow as wise leaders, engaged and compassionate citizens, reflective users of disciplinary knowledge, well-prepared working professionals, and lifelong learners. We embrace diversity in thought and experience. The School is a resource and partner for increasing quality of life in our community. In all we do, the School strives for educational access, efficiency, and quality.


Goals 2017-2023 

Recruit, retain, and support high quality faculty and staff who are dedicated to the mission of the University and School.

  1. Hire the new and replacement faculty needed to deliver high quality programs.
  2. Maintain reasonable faculty workloads and class sizes.
  3. Support funding for faculty research/professional development and staff professional development.
  4. Develop outlets and events to improve communication between faculty, staff, and administration.
  5. Strengthen the faculty-faculty mentoring program and develop a staff-staff mentoring program.
  6. Create opportunities for faculty/staff personal development including volunteer activities.
Provide opportunities for strong disciplinary preparation and rich overall academic experiences leading to timely graduation.
  1. Maintain reasonably sized classes while increasing student access to needed courses.
  2. Create policies and procedures that improve integration and coordination among school advisors, faculty, and enrollment management personnel.
  3. Develop an effective student-student mentoring program.
  4. Encourage departments to expand internships and extracurricular activities that help students network and prepare for careers after graduation.
  5. Support faculty mentoring of students through scholarly collaboration, conference participation, and other enrichment activities.
  6. Support the infrastructure needed to build undergraduate and graduate educational cultures (e.g., faculty colloquia).
Develop stronger relationships with external partners in order to create opportunities for students and to improve the quality of life within our community.
  1. Build positive relationships with School alumni.
  2. Establish the CSUB Quality of Life Center.
  3. Increase grant activity that supports student opportunities, faculty scholarship, community outreach, and special programs.
  4. Increase external fundraising activity that supports student opportunities, faculty scholarship, community outreach, and special programs.
  5. Develop relationships with community partners that promote goodwill and lead to mutually beneficial community-university collaborations.
Expand academic programs within the School that increase educational access without sacrificing quality or efficiency.
  1. Consider additional programs at the Antelope Valley Center.
  2. Consider additional graduate programs in high demand areas.
  3. Consider additional undergraduate concentrations in high demand areas.
  4. Consider outreach to international students and study abroad opportunities for SSE students.
  5. Consider additional stateside and Extended University online programs.

School of Social Sciences & Education (SSE)

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Phone:  (661) 654-2210