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CSUB Academic Senate

The CSUB Academic Senate is a body through which the faculty exercises its members’ collective knowledge, experience, and judgment to develop and recommend to the President policies and procedures that ensure the realization of the University’s mission. The Academic Senate plays a central role in the development of definitions, policies, and procedures for campus educational and professional matters not subject to collective bargaining. 

Update from the Academic Senate Chair, August 18, 2020

On behalf of the Academic Senate, I would like to welcome you back from summer. I hope you have had a relaxing and restorative summer, even if it was different than any in the past. We certainly have a different fall semester ahead of us.  In addition to welcoming you, I wanted to provide an update on the activities of the Summer Senate. 

The Summer Senate (made up of the incoming and outgoing executive committee members) was busy over the last few weeks attending to some urgent matters on behalf of the academic senate. All resolutions passed by the Summer Senate need to be ratified by the full Senate. Our first meeting is on Thursday, August 27. We dealt with the following issues. The resolutions are linked here as well. 

  1. GWAR Testing (RES 202104)- As recommended by the University-Wide GWAR Committee, we resolved to have online GWAR testing available to students for Fall 2021.
  2. Online Instructor Certification Requirement Suspension (RES 202101)- We extended the temporary suspension of the University Handbook language requiring that instructors teaching online or hybrid courses be certified to do so. This extension is through the end of Spring 2021 semester. 
  3. Submission of Electronic RTP files for AY 2020-21 (RES 202103)- Most of you may already be aware of this resolution, as a few announcements have already gone out. For those unfamiliar, we resolved to recommend that all levels of RTP review (Unit Committee, Dean, etc) accept electronic RTP file submission for the academic year 20-21. Towards this end, the campus will use Box (freely accessible to all faculty) and a process outlined in the resolution. The easiest way to think of this is to imagine a folder in Box to represent the ‘physical box’ that used to contain all RTP materials. You only need to include materials since your previous review. You can use either the print shop or photocopiers in your own departments to scan SOCIs and other materials for the RTP file. We were also able to get extensions for submissions of these files. You can find the updated RTP calendar here. Attached to this email is a document to help with the organization of these files. If you have any questions about the RTP process for this academic year, please feel free to reach out to myself, Bruce Hartsell, Interim AVP for Faculty Affairs (, or David Gove, CFA President ( 

Finally, I hope you can attend the General Faculty Meeting on Friday, August 21 from 8 am to 11:30 am. If you have not already done so, please RSVP here

Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom.
Take care,


Update from the Summer Senate  May 27, 2020

At the request of Academic Programs, the Summer Senate agreed to recommend a temporary policy for the Spring 2020 semester concerning changes to grading basis.
Changes to grading basis – At its regular meeting on Apr 2, the Academic Senate passed a resolution (192018) extending the date for withdrawal from a course, and to change the grading basis to CR/NC, to May 1. Some students took advantage of this and subsequently changed their grading basis to CR/NC. They were informed of possible negative consequences of this action. There may be some students, such as those with plans for graduate school, who may not have fully understood the implications of opting for Credit/No Credit. The Summer Senate voted to provide students with the option to revert back to a letter-graded basis (only for Spring 2020), provided they have a compelling reason for making such a request. We thought this may help such students who made decisions based upon incomplete information mid-semester during the pandemic. As part of our recommendation, instructors will need to approve of any such changes, hence this notification.  
Thanks for your continued hard work.
Dr. S. Aaron Hegde
Academic Senate Chair
Economics Chair

Academic Senate Chair

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