Faculty Award Recipients

By recognizing the achievements of our distinguished faculty in areas of professional acheivement, service, and teaching, we celebrate the climate of excellence that we create together.

2017-2018 Millie Ablin Excellence in Teaching Award

Mahdy-Elhusseiny_Millie Ablin Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. Elhusseiny Grew in a small town in Egypt. He worked as a teaching assistant at the Higher Technological Institute in Tent Ramadan City from 1992 till 1998. He came to the United States on March 1999. He completed his PhD in Business Administration and finance major at the Old Dominion University, VA in August 2005. He joined the University of South Dakota (USD) as an Assistant Professor in finance in August 2005. He came to the CSUB in September 2007 as an assistant professor in finance.  

Dr. Elhusseiny is a professor who shines in the classroom.  He captures his students’ attention, delivers high-quality content in an engaging and memorable way, and inspires his students to do their best. 

Dr. Elhusseiny takes as much time and energy as is needed to ensure that each student succeeds and feels valued as a member of the class. In fact, Dr. Elhusseiny was recognized by 2014, 2015, and 2016 CSUB graduates as an individual contributing to their success as indicated by the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. 

In addition to his excellence in the classroom, Dr. Elhusseiny puts forth an incredible amount of time and energy to guide students in several key endeavors outside of the classroom. An excellent example: For nearly 10 years, he has served as an advisor for the Financial Management Association for students. Each year, Dr. Elhusseiny leads a group of at least 25 students to engage in a real-world experience in New York City. Students visit Wall Street, and also meet with high-ranking professionals tied to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY), and several other financial institutions.  His students have described these experiences as life-changing and edifying to their career paths.

2017-2018 Faculty Leadership and Service Award

Paul-Newberry_Faculty Leadership and Service Award

Dr. Newberry’s service record at CSUB spans more than 30 years and reflects a consistent commitment to general education. His sustained efforts to develop, implement, maintain, evaluate, and revise our GE program demonstrate his commitment to shared governance and the success of our students.

Shortly after the approval of the new General Education program and governance structure in 2014, Dr. Newberry was selected to be the program’s Faculty Director and serves as Chair of the General Education Curriculum Committee (GECCo). Under his leadership, GECCo approved over 200 courses for the new program, hosted over 30 professional development workshops, and prepared over 250 faculty members for teaching in the new program.

Dr. Newberry has worked closely with on-campus stakeholders and leaders from our region’s high schools and community colleges. In each of these settings, he has striven to ensure that all perspectives are heard and that decisions are grounded in our shared commitment to student success.

2017-2018 Faculty Scholarship and Creativity Award

Robert Yohe II Faculty Scholarship and Creativity Award

Dr. Robert M. Yohe II has been selected as CSUB’s 2017/2018 recipient of the Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Award.

Dr. Yohe came to CSUB in 1999 and is currently a Professor of Anthropology and the Director of the Laboratory of Archaeological Sciences at CSUB.

He is an internationally recognized scholar with close to 100 peer-reviewed publications, and is a recognized pioneer in the field of immunological protein residue analysis on stone artifacts, ceramics, soils, and human remains.

As a mentor, Dr. Yohe engaged undergraduate and graduate students in bioarchaeology field work in middle Egypt at the site of Tell El Hibeh; this work was featured in an episode of The Bone Detective on the Discovery Channel. 

Dr. Yohe procures substantial external funding for his research with students, an accomplishment the campus recognized with the 2013/2014 Bronze Award for Research Excellence. He is described as a generous colleague, who frequently contributes his expertise and help.

2016-2017 Faculty Leadership and Service Award

Joe Fielder

Dr. Joe Fiedler is the recipient of CSUB’s 2016-2017 Faculty Leadership and Service Award. His deep and sustained commitment to leadership and service over the past 27 years at CSUB has had a tremendous impact on every level.  He has conducted 96 workshops, made 63 presentations for teachers, and participated in 33 external grants.  He has been honored by the California Mathematics Council, the Bakersfield Mathematics Council, CSUB STAAR, and CSUB’s Educational Support Services. Most recently, Dr. Fiedler was invited to participate in a national workshop to develop performance tasks for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), the national K-12 testing program, and has served on committees to review subject matter for the SATs, the CSET, and the California High School Exit Exam.  At CSUB, Dr. Fiedler has served the Mathematics Department in 22 different roles, the School in 9 different roles, the University in 50 different roles, and the community in 9 different roles.  This includes his past positions as a member of the Teacher Education Advisory Council, numerous WASC preparation committees and search committees, the Academic Senate, and the Budget Advisory Council.  In addition, he has played a valuable role as Chair of the Academic Senate’s Budget and Planning Committee for multiple terms. From national task forces to an individual student or colleague, Dr. Fiedler has always stepped forward to serve.

2016-2017 Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Award

Brandon Pratt

Dr. R. Brandon Pratt is the recipient of the 2016-2017 Faculty Scholarship  and Creative Activity Award.Since his arrival at CSUB in 2005, he has developed an impressive research program and scholarship record. He has published more than 30 papers in nationally and internationally recognized journals; these articles have had a substantial impact on his field and have been extensively cited.  Dr. Pratt is a nationally recognized plant ecophysiologist as evidenced by his current position as Associate Editor of The American Journal of Botany, and he has presented scholarly papers on four continents.  Dr. Pratt has an exceptional record of obtaining external funding for his research, with over $6 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other competitive funding sources.  He received the NSF CAREER award in 2009, one of the most competitive and prestigious awards given by the NSF.  Dr. Pratt’s grants have supported three post-doctoral scholars, several graduate students, and more than 30 undergraduate students working in his lab, and many of these students have already been published in peer-reviewed journals due to Dr. Pratt’s exemplary mentorship.

2016-2017 Mille Ablin Excellence in Teaching Award

Anne Duran

Dr. Anne Duran is the recipient of CSUB's 2016-2017 Millie Ablin Excellence in Teaching Award. For Dr. Duran, teaching is her passion; she has demonstrated her commitment to high-quality, innovative, collaborative, inclusive, student-centered instruction through her exemplary teaching record.  In the classroom, students report that “she presents information with an intelligence, humor, and ease that is unrivaled,” and that “she sparks the interest of her students and immerses them in the content in a way that is memorable and meaningful.”  Dr. Duran is recognized for her remarkable ability to help each student question, learn, and grow; she is an expert at turning a difficult situation into a teachable moment. Dr. Duran’s mentorship has also had a tremendous impact on her students outside of the classroom. In her research lab, Dr. Duran’s apprenticeship model has provided an opportunity for dozens of students to develop their research, presentation, and publication skills.  She has served as a mentor for over 45 students who have continued their education in graduate school, five of whom now hold their PhDs.  Dr. Duran has also helped educate the community through the yearly Ally Rally, an event that helps educate about LGBTQ issues. Dr. Duran has been an outstanding resource for educators at CSUB through her service as a peer mentor, and at the national level through her role as Director of the Terman Teaching Conference, an event held as part of the Western Psychological Association’s annual meeting.

2015-2016 Faculty Leadership and Service Award

D Baron

Dr. Dirk Baron is the recipient of CSUB’s 2015-2016 Faculty Leadership and Service Award. Dr. Baron made service to the community a priority and established an outstanding record in this area. Most significant are his outreach efforts to improve science education at K-12 schools and recruit students into science majors. He was instrumental in creating “dual-credit” geology classes at local high schools.

 2015-2016 Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Award


Dr. Hossein Bidgoli, has been selected as CSUB’s 2015-2016 recipient of the Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Award. Professor Bidgoli has an ongoing and impressive record of cutting edge scholarship in all aspects of Management Information Systems (MIS). During his tenure at CSUB he has authored more than 164 publications and served as the editor-in-chief of five Encyclopedia and Handbook series.

2014-2015 Faculty Leadership and Service Award


Dr. Carlisle has been a leader in the areas of online teaching, distance education, and graduate studies. His contributions in leadership and service to the university, students, and community through his passionate efforts to make higher education more accessible make him well deserving of the 2014-15 Faculty Leadership and Service Award.

2014-15 Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Award

Jianjun Wang

Dr. Jianjun Wang is the recipient of CSUB’s 2014-15 Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Award. During his 21 years of tenure at CSUB, Dr. Wang published over 60 nationally-refereed research reports and journal articles.  His research grants received funding from various federal and state agencies, including National Science Foundation, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, Carnegie Foundation, California Department of Education, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)’s Secondary Analysis Program, and American Educational Research Association.