STEM programs for high school students

Chevron High School Academy

The CSUB-Chevron High School Academy (HSA) provides Kern High School District (KHSD) students the opportunity to take CSUB college level courses in mathematics. The HSA is free to the KHSD student, carries college credit, and is offered only to students with the appropriate course pre-requisites, usually the last or second to last high school class in the subject. One year sequences will be provided in mathematics. These are the beginning sequences for the college major.

*Please Note: Chevron High School Academy will not be offered beginning in the fall 2016. For information about early enrollment, check out The Early Enrollment program

REVS-UP is a program geared to high school students to help increase interest in science and mathematics careers.  The program offers hands-on research experience for teacher-student teams in biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, mathematics, and physics.

REVS-UP Closing Ceremony 2014