CSUB-Chevron High School Academy (HSA)


The CSUB-Chevron High School Academy (HSA) provides Kern High School District (KHSD) students the opportunity to take CSUB college level courses in mathematics. 


  • HSA is open to KHSD student with the appropriate course prerequisites, usually the last or second to last high school class in the subject.
  • The CSUB-Chevron Academy is free to qualifying KHSD Students.
  • Textbooks and transportation to and from CSUB is not provided.


Applications to the CSUB-Chevron High School Academy are accepted in the spring. Each applicant must submit the following information

Helpful Links


Program Contact

NSME Student Center

June 2014: High School Academy Banquet


April 15: HSA applications due 

June 2015: HSA Banquet for continuing students

Fall 2016: HSA will not be offered beginning in the fall of 2016; please check early enrollment for information on The Early Enrollment Program